My Nabaztag wifi cyber bunny continues to impress. It is perhaps the most useful gadget I've bought in some time. The default functionality is very useful, and having had a quick look at the API there it seems easy to write your own services too. Several ideas have already popped into my head. It's a good excuse for my more serious foray into Objective-C on the Mac I think. Programming is much more enjoyable when you actually have a goal that's useful to you (which is where day jobs fall down, in my experience!). Anyway, that all sounds rather techie, but Nabaztag isn't by default. Buy one - I promise that you'll find it useful. Well, as long as you have a wireless network at home. Without that he's just a doorstop (although one with some designer chic). You can send messages to me via bunny from the widget on my web page. Give it a go!