In November 2012 I was elected as a Governor for the Royal United Hospital in Bath. My constituency was City of Bath, with a population of 90,232 people. I jointly represented them with another public governor, Amanda Buss. I worked as a governor until late 2016.

The role of governors is to provide the link between the Trust and the local community, to ensure that the views of the local people are heard and fed back to the Board of Directors.

Governors do not undertake operational management of the Trust; rather they collectively hold the Board of Directors to account for the Trust’s performance and advise on its future development.

I stood on a strong anti Health and Social Care Act platform. Readers of my blog will know that I think this legislation is basically intended to destroy the NHS as we know it, and I am entirely against the privatisation of the health service we all own.

Further Info

There is information on the Trust and Governors on the RUH Web site which can be found at

In most instances you should direct questions to the Governors to the RUH directly. The relevant email address is [email protected] or phone the Membership Office on 01225 821299