Hello. Sorry about the break - back again now. Hope you missed me.

I've bought a new toy since my last post - a Nintendo Wii. From the day that Nintendo announced what was initially the 'Revolution', I knew they were onto a winner. Yes, the XBox 360 is pretty good, and I'm sure that the PS3 will be - I have a 360 and I'll probably get a PS3 too, but the Wii is the most exciting from a gameplay level.

Initial impressions are very favourable indeed. I was 'lucky' enough (as anyone who is paying over the odds on eBay would be now, if they had any planning skills and reserved one) to get a Wii on the day of release. Currently I have 'Wii Sports' (bundled with the console), 'Wii Play' (bundled with the extra controller), and 'Zelda: Twilight Princess'. Wii Sports and Play are basically short, multi-player orientated games that show-off the Wii Remote. It all works exceptionally well - the controller is excellent and the games are based on 'real' sports which you replicate with the Wii Remote. This means that pretty much anyone can pick-up the remote and play. For example, you hold the remote just like a tennis racket for the tennis game, and golf club for the golf, and so on. The remote is very sensitive and you can chip, spin and hit the ball with an amazing degree of control. You really have to try it for yourself.

I think the next couple of years will be a good time for Nintendo. The DS seems to be doing very well, and they have judged the market very well. I've been wrong before of course (I still think that the GameCube was the best of the last generation of consoles, but sadly sales show that most people didn't agree), but they seem to be doing very well so far. 2007 will be an interesting year for gaming.