On Thursday I was in the City at the eleventh London Girl Geek Dinner. This was the third one I've been to, and this time I offered my video services. There were a couple of issues with the camera and the new wireless mic I have, but with a bit of crafty editing it hasn't come-out too badly. You can check it out via this link to Viddler. Be patient with the crazy camera swinging - it calms down after a minute or two! I was fiddling around and slightly boozed-up.

The event itself was interesting. First-up was David Terrar from Wiki Wednesdays, which is another geeky networking London event. Then there was Angela Beesley from Wikia, which is a bit like a commercial Wiki site, although Angela talks about her work with Wikipedia too. Finally there's the Wiki team from Astraware who talk about using Wikis in their company. All quite interesting, although I was quite boozed-up by the end. Hopefully that doesn't show too badly in the video! Sarah says more about the evening in her post (the first link here), so check that out if you're interested. Oh, and Radio 4 were there recording the event for Woman's Hour, so I guess it may crop-up on there too. You never know.