It has been a busy week. Foolishly I have been doing two modules of my OU course at once (hey, they were 'short courses' and looked easy!) and the two main pieces of coursework were both due in on midday Thursday. This meant that, thanks to having to work and earn a living, they had to be in by Wednesday night. After a weekend and every evening I got them in. They could have been better, but hey, in the end I was just happy to submit them. I don't think it matters how old I get - when it comes to academic coursework I will always leave it until the last minute. When I'm sat there typing drivel in the small hours it brings back memories of undergrad days... all of us sat in the computer science labs, hacking away all night for a 10am deadline. Happy days! We always got it done though, and that makes you feel a bit invincible.

Anyway, the course has taken all of my free time for ages, but I did manage to get into London on Thursday to record the Girl Geek Dinner. More about that here on my 'tech' blog.

I've just been in the cinema to see The Painted Veil, based on the Somerset Maugham novel, at the Little Theatre. It was really good... slightly sad, but then aren't all the best dramas? I can't think of a bad film with Edward Norton in it, and this doesn't disappoint. Check it out.