St Andrew's Primary School Mock Election

St Andrew's Rosettes

First thing this morning I made my way to St Andrews Primary School, just behind the Royal Crescent. They were holding a mock election for all of their pupils, but before that they had invited all of the Bath PPCs along to talk to the children in each class.

It’s brilliant to see schools getting children interested in the political process in this way. I was asked a number of interesting questions. Some were pretty off-the-wall, as you might imagine from children aged from 4 or 5, but there were some great questions from the children in every school year.

After we had talked to each class we faced the whole school in a Q&A session after each giving a two minute statement. The most difficult part for me was remembering to put everything in words that every child in the school would understand, as far as possible. This is quite far removed from everyday hustings!

It was a great event and I’d like to congratulate the school again for organising it and running it so professionally - they used the real polling station signs, ballot boxes and voting booths! Very well done.