Today I took part in a hustings held at Hayesfield School. It was a well organised event, well chaired with candidates being held to their time limits - something I’m all in favour of as it gets through more questions.

The school had allocated a sixth former to each candidate to introduce us, including writing a short biography. This was a nice touch, and I’d like to thank my nominated pupil Harriet Evans for her efforts, including injecting a bit of humour into it! It’s nice to remind people that politics doesn’t have to be dry and dull.

I throughly enjoyed the hustings and I thought that the questions were really good. I enjoyed staying behind afterwards and chatting to parents, teachers and students too. There’s a lot of support for the Greens and I was grateful to hear so many people tell me as much.

You can view the event page on the Hayesfield Web site and see the associated page on the Democratic Accountability site.

Update 07/05/2015: The school held their own mock election and the Greens won! This means that every post-hustings poll of electors throughout the whole campaign had the Greens in first or equal first place. Thank you!