Syria Air Strikes Vote

David Cameron has announced that there is to be a vote on military action in Syria this week. The press seems to be aching for us to get involved in yet another conflict that will resolve nothing but will almost certainly kill a lot of innocent people and make us more enemies in the world.

Have we learned nothing?

Some argue that a bombing campaign could save lives here. Let’s be generous and say that we agree (if ISIS are eliminated). How many bombing runs will that take? A thousand? Almost certainly more, and over many years.

Now consider that a single airstrike by a single plane costs about half a million pounds. That would pay for 18 doctors for a year, or 18 firefighters, or 20 paramedics. Spending the money there would definitely save many, many lives, and provide worthwhile jobs that help people. And we wouldn’t kill any innocent people or make any more enemies.

I suggest that bombing people in Syria will make us less safe, not more safe. However, even if you disagree, it won’t save as many lives as not bombing people in the first place.

Spend the money here. On the NHS. On the fire service. On helping, not killing. It’s that simple.