Housing Bill

We all know housing is expensive in much of the country, including in Bath, where I live. This is true whether you are trying to buy a house or are renting. If you rent, with prices so high you might expect, at the very least, the property to be fit for habitation.

It might seem reasonable that this is the law. However, my MP Ben Howlett and his Conservatives don’t think that should be the case. They voted down a law that would have made it a legal requirement for rented property to be habitable.

Ask yourself why. Isn’t a property fit for human habitation the very least one should expect when renting? Who do these Tories represent? It’s certainly not you and me.

The simple fact is that the Tories don’t fight for you. They fight for the millionaires that fund them. Some of those millionaires are property barons who don’t like having to provide decent housing. Others, of course, run private healthcare companies which is why the Tories are giving them our NHS. Yet others run academy chains and free schools, which is why education is being taken out of local democratic control and handed to people who profit from it.

We have four years to the next election. Four years to work together to get these Tories out. My party, the Green Party, isn’t funded by millionaires - it’s funded by ordinary members like you. It’s the only party where the ordinary members decide policy, which is why our policies work for you, not the property barons.

We are the fastest growing party in Bath. Join us. Let’s take our city back. join.greenparty.org.uk

You can find out how your MP voted here.