Here’s the problem with Corbyn’s “free hospital parking”.

We all know that most hospital carparks are smaller than they need to be for all the people who want to use them, and this problem will still exist. But this plan means there will be less parking for patients.

Most staff get to hospitals well before patients and visitors. At the moment the cost will encourage some to walk, get the bus, cycle, et cetera. What do you think the effect will be if they all know they can get a space for free all day? Many of those who currently use other methods to get to work will drive. It is obvious. And so fewer spaces will be available for everyone else.

Then there is the problem of people who will park at the hospital to do the shopping et cetera. Why wouldn’t they if it is free?

Now I am not saying that there aren’t problems with low paid staff having to pay to park at work, patients and visitors paying to be ill, etc etc. But this policy is massively simplistic and won’t help anyone apart from staff ho want to drive and the lucky few others who find a space.

We should be finding ways of encouraging anyone who is physically able and doesn’t have to drive not to drive to hospital and, if that is impossible, working to make it possible. If you stop people who don’t have to drive driving, there is plenty of space for people who can’t.

Note: Corbyn would still be a much better PM than May, just in case anyone takes any criticism to think I’m suggesting otherwise.