I don’t want to hear false sympathy from this government - I want them to accept responsibility.

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Hey, how you doing? It’s minus six out here today, so I’m gonna keep this brief, but I just wanted to say that if you don’t enable asylum seekers who have a legal right to claim asylum in this country, if you don’t give them a safe passage, so they’re forced to do things like use people’s smugglers and get in the back of lorries and cross the Channel in small boats, then you can’t really claim any kind of sadness when they drown in the Channel because it’s your fault. I want to be absolutely clear here. The blood of these asylum seekers is on the hands of this government and less directly everyone who campaigns for this government and everyone who campaigns for that party. This is the result of your hard right rhetoric, literal death because you are scared of the hard right thinking you’re soft.

Live with it. Own it. Those people’s lives and their loss of life is down to you.