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Record Migration Figures

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I just wanted to say a quick thing on, the UK net migration figures, which are a record breaking high up 20%, 606,000 people, I think, are the latest figures per year. I think it’s worth just dwelling on the fact that many of the people who voted for Brexit did so because they didn’t like the idea of migration and how they must be feeling now because we’ve gone from lower numbers of people coming in and let’s face it, not liking migration is often, not always, but often due to racism, you know?

People who don’t come from here coming in. And so these brexiters, now these, people who voted sometimes with a racist motive against staying in EU because they didn’t like migration, now have far more immigrants. But, those immigrants are now much less likely to be other white Europeans and much more likely to be people from other countries of different races. Now, how do you think they feel about that?

I think if there is a silver lining from Brexit, and I don’t think there is particularly, but if there was one, it might be just imagining how many extremely annoyed racists there are at the moment.