This was the last hustings of the campaign. It was held in Midsomer Norton Town Hall and was broadcast live on Somer Valley FM. It was a North East Somerset event, and I was standing in for our candidate Katy Boyce who was unavailable. Other panellists were Ernie Blaber for UKIP, Todd Foreman for Labour, Wera Hobhouse for the Lib Dems and Jacob Rees-Mogg for the Conservatives.

It was a lively but short debate to a packed venue. Tory supporters were out in force in the audience - there were plenty of blue rosettes being worn - but the questions were actually pretty even handed and the chairing was good. The organisers had taken some trouble to invite questions from younger voters who had been specially invited, so despite the Tory-heavy audience there was a good mix of questions being asked.

I was pleased with my answers and there were no surprises from any of the other candidates. All in all it was a reasonably relaxed final event of the election and afterwards I felt rather ‘demob happy’!

You can listen to the debate here. See what you think.

You can see a photo of the debate here and see a photo of us afterwards here.