A number of people who like to do the right thing by the environment seem to be buying ‘Who Gives A Crap’ toilet paper. This is recycled and they give 50% of their profits to help build toilets in places that need them.

Good on you all - it’s commendable. However.

‘Who Gives A Crap’ product is wrapped in paper, not plastic. But it is made in China. The oil burned to get it to you could have made a lot more plastic and (obviously) is bad for the climate, so that’s not a great win.

Might I suggest something like this? Made in the UK from UK waste, the carbon saved by not shipping it from China is huge, and let’s not even begin on the fact that we ship some paper to China to recycle in the first place and could be shipping it there and back again! It will also help keep up prices for UK paper recycling, helping councils recoup more money from what you put out in your recycling box, encouraging recycling and helping to fund your local services.

It’s wrapped in plastic, but this can be recycled along with carrier bags in almost all large supermarkets. Ecoleaf do some starch-based wraps too (I have kitchen roll from them that uses it), so maybe you can find toilet roll in compostable wrap too?

Does it help fund building toilets? No, but at £26.74 for 62 rolls (just over 43p a roll) you’re saving 32p a roll. You can send that all to Water Aid. I don’t know how much profit Who Gives A Crap make per roll (and therefore what half of that is), but I’d guess that directly funding Water Aid would mean far more money will be going to building toilets.