Nicola Sturgeon is in trouble for saying she despises what Tories stand for. But that viewpoint is entirely valid.

Generated transcript:

Now you’ve probably seen recently that Nicola Sturgeon has caused a bit of a fuss in some circles by saying that she detests the Tories. She later clarified that she detests the party and everything they stand for rather than individual Tories, which is clearly what she meant in the first place.

This has upset quite a few people. The ask how one could you say such a thing? It’s unprofessional. You should never let people’s politics get in the way of how you feel about them. The language is uncalled for and all that sort of stuff. But it’s not exactly a controversial viewpoint when I say good on her, because actually if somebody holds those views and makes it their business to enforce those views on the people, it’s justified. For example the Conservatives today have blocked some of the very few good things that Michael Gove pushed for when he was in a position of power in their party. So they’re getting rid of the ban on no fault evictions and lots of protections that were going to be bought in for renters.

Now, it’s pretty rare that the Tories do something for people who don’t have as much and have fewer advantages in life. So for the Tories to then shelve those few things (which were manifesto commitments, let’s remember) is appalling. So there’s a PM with no mandate doing things with no mandate and getting rid of the things they actually were voted in to do by some people, eg actually had a mandate for.

I mean, that’s pretty detestable, isn’t it? It makes a mockery of democracy for one thing. But there’s no reason to stop a ban on no fault evictions other than potentially pressure from landlords and people with money.

It’s taking something that some of the cherished ‘red wall’ voters that they have who got them into power. That’s the sort of policy that would appeal to them. And so some of them voted Conservative and now we see that all of the things that could have conceivably helped people with less money have all been stripped out.

And now it’s all become about helping people with money. Even long term voters are beginning to realize that this is a party that’s been taken over by the hard right. There’s no ‘One Nation Conservatives’ left in a position of responsibility in the party.

The Tory party of old that could have commanded respect (in some ways) from me and people like me is gone. It’s all about enriching the already rich, and it is despicable. It’s a body where if people actively support it at this point they’re worthy of contempt and they’re worthy of criticism because they are basically trying to make other people’s lives worse, and it’s all just for them. If it doesn’t make a profit then these people don’t count, and that’s not a viewpoint that is worthy of respect.