An asylum detention centre has been attacked by right-wing terrorists. Where is the outrage?

Generated transcript:

Can we talk about the fact that on Sunday a far right suicide bomber attacked a refugee detention center in Dover?

He’s dead obviously, being a suicide bomber, thankfully he didn’t manage to kill anyone else, but he threw some petrol bombs at the detention centre. Why would somebody do that? It’s because of our government’s rhetoric around refugees, migrants, people come to this country for safety or any other reason at this point.

Remember, in this center we don’t know who they are, as genuine refugees in there escaping war and persecution, and there’s anyone else who’s come to this country basically, who isn’t wealthy enough to have a passport or privileged enough, and they’re in this center in terrible conditions, much maligned by the press, and now there’s far right terrorists attacking them.

Now whose fault is this? Now they’re going to blame mental illness, I’m sure, for this attack. But it’s terrorism. Of course it’s terrorism. If they were brown, they’d have been classed as a terrorist instantly. Anyone who tries to kill anyone else and kills themselves in the process who is brown is a terrorist, aren’t they? So says the media.

But note how this one isn’t being talked about in the same way, and the government, in their wisdom, are hardly mentioning it at all, because their rhetoric, and that of the right wing press, has caused this. Never forget that.